Love Tiffany

I have obtained degrees in Sociology (A.S.), Fashion Textile Technology (B.S.), and Strategic Leadership (M.S.)  Here I am in every aspect fulfilling my purpose on multiple levels and I love it. Too many of times we hear of what we can not do or can not have and what is not the norm or placed in an unorthodox box. I am a Black woman, a great mother, a professional in leadership and a free spirited Creative. All of me can not fit in just one box. 

Well... I am showcasing three unique forms of art; Apparel that is created to spread words of encouragement & empowerment. Journals that promote self awareness & reflection. Lastly, abstract art that only include the colors red, black, green and gold in an unique effort of representing pride & unity within the BLACK community and culture.

I stand not to be an Artist who is a cultivation of skills and talents honed toward creating fine works of art. Rather, a Creative whom is gifted with the skill and talent to create and solve.

“Support me in Supporting Us” is my way of thanking you for embracing my gift with a connection, love or respect as it captures your eye, heart or mind. You are not only supporting my small business but you help to support society’s mental health and well being within the BLACK community. By sharing my positive art for others to see,

and  promoting courage, unity, love, pride and success to our families and amongst our peers.

Simply put... “Spread Love” - I welcome you to browse, share, refer and shop.